Huntsville G8 Summit

by Jeremy on June 17, 2010

The Huntsville G8 Summit will be held right here in Huntsville Ontario at our very own Deerhurst Resort. The G8 is a meeting of the 8 largest industrialized democracies in the world. The purpose is to discuss the major issues that are currently facing the world. No doubt the oil spill, the trillions of dollars in minerals in Afghanistan and terrorists will be discussed.

Many protesters will attend the Huntsville G8 Summit to protest a number of things. Chances are there will be peaceful protests and the protesters will be given a chance to voice their concerns from a safe distance.

One major concern of the Huntsville G8 summit is accommodation. Huntsville, Ontario is a very small town. Deerhurst resort is a fairly large resort, however with all of the press, politicians, police, and protesters there is barely enough room to hold everyone. Special accommodation will be made for press, police and protestors of the Huntsville G8 Summit.

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